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Road Safety Audit Training

Notes about the video

The video included on this page is one that we have used in training sessions. It was produced by the Transport Accident Commission in the Australian state of Victoria.

The video is provocative and it has been very effective at reminding people we are training about why we bother ‘doing road safety’ (it’s because ‘people matter’). It was particularly useful when training in the Middle East.

Please note that these Australians do not hold their punches and that some people may find parts of the video disturbing or upsetting.

Sterling Road Safety provide bespoke training in accident / incident / collision investigation involving both Stats 19 data analysis and site inspections.

We also provide training in road safety auditing and in minimising claims liability.

Nevertheless, as a trained teacher, Tim Sterling recognises that  effective learning often occurs outside structured courses. Consequently, our specialists are available to work ‘shoulder to shoulder’ alongside highways personnel in their workplaces.

Tim Sterling and his associates at Sterling Road Safety have provided training throughout the world and presented at various seminars and professional conferences.

The feedback letter (right) followed a training event in the UK for the legal profession (click on the image for a larger copy in a new tab).

The photos (above and below) show Tim providing Safety Audit training in Abu Dhabi.

Road Safety Training Endorsement Training Warning: This video depicts some distressing collisions and injuries. Everybody Hurts. (Why we do road safety).
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Typical Feedback From Training

Hi Tim, Many thanks … for the training last week. It was very well received by all present …”

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Road Safety Audit Training