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Our experts are highly skilled and experienced at undertaking investigations into incidents, assessing safety and providing risk management advice. And, in our opinion, it is as important to ensure traffic safety on private sites as it is on the public highway.

Health and Safety legislation requires that employers ensure the safety of ‘those affected by their undertaking’ (not just their employees) ‘as far as is reasonably practicable’.

In our experience, the safety of many private sites does not meet these requirements. The reasons for this are varied, but many site operators simply do not have the necessary objectivity or skills to recognise or rectify risks.

The HSE publication HSG136 ‘A guide to workplace transport safety’ is freely available and very highly recommended. Nevertheless, it is often advantageous for demonstrably impartial specialists and safety experts to undertake workplace transport safety reviews.

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Tim Sterling has undertaken workplace transport safety reviews and provided safety advice for a wide variety of clients.

Some instructions have followed major incidents. Others have been from safety conscious organisations who have been keen to be pro-active and market leaders.

Tim has assessed sites and advised on issues for UK clients that have included:

Coca Cola Schweppes; British Petroleum; British Airways; First Group; Little Chef; and BNFL Sellafield.

Tim Sterling has experience of reviewing the safety of sites that have included private road networks, office car parks, service stations, roadside restaurants, warehouses, airports (airside and landside), bus garages and construction and fabrication sites.

Notable occasions on which Tim has acted as an expert witness and provided evidence in Court  concerning the safety of private workplace sites have included:

HSE -v- Luton Airport and HSE -v- Centrewest London Buses Ltd (Uxbridge Bus Garage)

Tim also provided expert evidence in the case of Ricci Stewart -v- Scottish Widows PLC